Scripto: Import pre-existing transcription INTO Mediawiki

We have successfully set up Scripto with media for a collaborative project. Now, rather than transcribing, our task is controlling an existing transcription/OCR, which is already in a metadata field of the media themselves.
Now, we also figured out how to update the transcription metadata in Omeka-S FROM Mediawiki, as covered by the guidelines.
What we cannot figure out however is a way to load the existing transcription from Omeka-S INTO the Mediawiki so that users can already start with that. Any ideas?

Scripto does not provide a way to export transcriptions from Omeka to MediaWiki. You could write a custom script that does it:

  • Get the transcriptions using the Omeka S API;
  • Generate the corresponding MediaWiki page titles using the logic in Scripto\Entity\ScriptoMedia::getMediawikiPageTitle();
  • Interface with MediaWiki’s API to create the pages using Scripto\Mediawiki\ApiClient.

Perhaps someone has successfully done this already and can share their process?

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Thanks, I already feared we might have to do something like this. I think we can do it even bypassing Omeka-S since I have the trasnscriptions in a csv file. All I need is to get the correct Omeka/Mediawiki IDs that correspond to the items and . Since those IDs seem to be simple upcounts according to the order of import, it might work.

Anyway, we will work it out. Thanks again!

Hi, I’m also interested in uploading previously made transcriptions into Scripto to revise them. If it worked, will you share your method so we might reproduce it? Thanks in advance

You’re right, a follow-up is due. We succeeded by following the suggested path. We extracted the metadata with item/media IDs and actual page titles so that we could match the transcriptions to the correct mediawiki page; then we batch-created mediawiki pages via the API with the transcriptions. I’ll ask my colleague who actually wrote the script to share it.

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Here is a script with our solution. Not documented, but rather accessible…

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