Scripto: Import pre-existing transcription INTO Mediawiki

We have successfully set up Scripto with media for a collaborative project. Now, rather than transcribing, our task is controlling an existing transcription/OCR, which is already in a metadata field of the media themselves.
Now, we also figured out how to update the transcription metadata in Omeka-S FROM Mediawiki, as covered by the guidelines.
What we cannot figure out however is a way to load the existing transcription from Omeka-S INTO the Mediawiki so that users can already start with that. Any ideas?

Scripto does not provide a way to export transcriptions from Omeka to MediaWiki. You could write a custom script that does it:

  • Get the transcriptions using the Omeka S API;
  • Generate the corresponding MediaWiki page titles using the logic in Scripto\Entity\ScriptoMedia::getMediawikiPageTitle();
  • Interface with MediaWiki’s API to create the pages using Scripto\Mediawiki\ApiClient.

Perhaps someone has successfully done this already and can share their process?

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Thanks, I already feared we might have to do something like this. I think we can do it even bypassing Omeka-S since I have the trasnscriptions in a csv file. All I need is to get the correct Omeka/Mediawiki IDs that correspond to the items and . Since those IDs seem to be simple upcounts according to the order of import, it might work.

Anyway, we will work it out. Thanks again!