Scripto image viewer no longer visible after 4.0.1 update

My public viewer of my transcription objects remains the same ( with the ability to zoom, rotate, etc. But when I log in to transcribe, the image view is completely obscured by the text editor (see attached screenshot).

Note I am the special collections librarian and the tech person who helped me set up Scripto is no longer here. I was instructed to upload my images to FileSideload and then attach the media via the file directory. That now works, but the SideLoad menu is different and the images that are added are not tiled for zooming.

I would appreciate any suggestions anyone can make!

It looks like the right div has shifted over to the left for some reason. I suppose it’s possible that this broke on an update, but I can’t reproduce it.

It looks like you’re using the custom Scripto theme from the “Papers” theme. Is it possible that someone modified the CSS file? Try this: make a backup of /Scripto/asset/css/site-themes/papers.css and follow the directions here to copy the CSS file from the “Papers” theme to Scripto. If that fixes it, and if the original CSS file was modified, you’ll need to reconcile the old and new files. If it doesn’t fix it, be sure to restore the original CSS file.

There have been changes to File Sideload that changed the dropdown menu. It should essentially be the same files plus any files that are in subdirectories. Is the change causing you problems? As for tiling: were your images tiled before the update? Scripto does not display tiled image. It uses a JavaScript library to pan/zoom non-tiled images.

Thank you! for your response. Can you tell me more about the JavaScript library vs. tiled images? I think we had some kind of work-around that involved tiling in the past. Could you point me toward the JavaScript solution that is more appropriate?

Scripto uses Panzoom. There is no native support for tiling. I’m unaware of any use of tiling in Scripto implementations, but I suppose it’s possible. I just have no idea where to look.