Scripto: error with "marked as complete" box

When users are done transcribing a page, if they click the “marked as complete” box and then “save,” they are given an error. We took away the “marked as complete” box option, and the error didn’t come up anymore. However, we need to reinstate the “marked as complete” box because it’s easier to filter the completed transcriptions regarding QC.

What error do you get after clicking the marked as complete box?

The error the user gets is: CSRF: Invalid or missing CSRF token.

That error typically only happens when the page is left open for a long time without being submitted. Try bringing back the “mark as complete” box, click on it, and submit the form. Do you still get the error?

No! It seems to be saving. If users see this error, would refreshing the page fix it? Also, why does the error happen in the first place when the page is left open for a long time without submissions? (just curious from a back-end POV)

Yes, refreshing the page will fix it. The timeout is one hour. The reason for this to to prevent CSRF attacks.

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