Scripto--can't open documents

Clicking on the documents redirects to scripto landing page. It occurs regardless of logged in status.Also the layout has changed without changes on our end. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

BTW: Omeka 2.1.4, Scripto 2.0

What version of Mediawiki are you running? It may be related to this known issue

Thanks for the reply. We have not updated mediawiki in years. Do you still think it’s the mediawiki issue?

Did you recently make changes to your custom theme or add any plugins?

no i have not made any changes.

I was wondering if you can offer any other suggestions? I updated the Scripto to the latest version to no avail. Mediawiki is still running 1.23.3. Should I update that one too? Our database admin at the library assured me that no changes to the site has been made until the Scripto upgrade today, so all of us are wondering how the problem started. I’d appreciate any input.

There’s a JavaScript error on that page:

Uncaught ReferenceError: showPages is not defined at HTMLAnchorElement.onclick

I think some JavaScript isn’t loading. That may be causing the problems you’re seeing. As to why the script isn’t loading, I’m not sure. The server is returning a 500 Internal Server Error but is loading fine, paradoxically. Ask your admin about this.

On the 500 error, if you “View Source” of your page, you’ll see it just abruptly stops in the middle. This very likely means that an error is occurring at that point, which is also causing the 500 error.

If you follow the directions in the documentation on how to turn on error display, then you should see some actual error message printed at the end of the page rather than just nothing.

Thank you all for your help! Turning on Neatline plugin somehow caused the error. After deactivating the plugin, everything is back to normal.