lost Classes and Properties

Loading vocabulary (taken from site in one of the available format from the page Developers - loses many classes and properties.
The schema file contains 887 classes and a452 properties, while Omeka S save only 606 classes and 877 properties.
Can anyone help me with this?

I just pulled using

and got 893 classes and 1452 properties:

You might be limited by the processing power or permissions of your server? I’d suggest, as a first try, wiping it and re-importing it a few times and see if one of the imports completes.

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Good suggestion! I will try soon and let you know. Thanks a lot!

After some test, I found that I can load all classes and properties in the vocabulary if I start from scratch.
As long as I try to update the existing partial vocabulary with the full vocabulary file, I get no update and Omeka S says “nothing to update”.
If I start with a completely new vocabulary, I get all classes and properties, as in your case.
So, it looks that the update process doesn’t work.
Anyway, for me it’s ok to load from scratch but I wonder if I can replace the old schema vocabulary with this new one without loosing the existing resource templates, items and item sets that use that old version: what does it happens if I remove the old schema vocabulary and I load it from scratch?

Do not delete a vocabulary that is being used. You will lose data.

What’s the namespace URI of your “existing partial” vocabulary?

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Sorry for my late reply!
namespace URI is:

It looks like the namespace URI is slightly off, which would explain why an update shows no changes. To fix this, you’ll need to edit the namespace URI directly in your database, from:


It’s odd that your initial import picked up any classes and properties given the difference, but our RDF library may be too forgiving duing import, or too strict during update. I suspect the former.