Sandbox instructions?

Hello. Is there a user manual on how to use the Omeka Sandbox? The instruction manual on the Sandbox homepage is a broken link - . I only managed to create a dummy repository. I can’t figure out how to add content to it. Is there a way to add content to your repository, or can you just add items without linking them to your repository?

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We can update the link in the post, but the sandbox is kept up to date with the latest version of Omeka S, so you should be able to refer to the Omeka S User Manual for instructions on adding items, etc.

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There’s a little time lag between the latest release of Omeka S and the sandbox being updated. I’ll take care of that this week, but there could be some issues as we make sure everything is straight.

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Thank you. I am checking out the manual. Right now, I am seeing how much I can do in the sandbox without a full-blown installation because I am unable to install it on my own. Doing anything with Linux requires the senior-level IT team and it may take a long time to actually set it up so it would be nice to explore as many features as I can while I wait on that.