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Omeka Forum users,

Our library is in the process of the early stages of Omeka S rollout. To assist our librarians with choosing a theme for their sites, we’d like to provide a list of 2 to 3 sample sites from other institutions on each of the 9 themes on Omeka S. We would be greatly appreciative if the community could provide sites built by their institution, ideally those with minimal CSS editing and plugin usage. I also figure that such a list would likely prove useful to others.

I think that having a list of sample Omeka S sites with different themes would be useful for many people!

Here’s the site I manage at Rutgers University: New Jersey Slavery Records.

Currently using the Foundation theme with these settings:

We do use several modules that affect the way the website looks. The most important ones are listed below:

  • Faceted Browse module. We make heavy use of this module, which allows us to build custom browse interfaces like this Events faceted browse page.
  • Metadata Browse module, configured to turn the Keywords property into a hyperlink that searches for other items with the same keywords (example item with Keyword property filled in: 1812, Kate, Removal)
  • URI Dereferencer, used to pull in a snippet of info from Wikidata where applicable. (Example item: William Livingston, see Same As property and click the plus sign next to the Wikidata link to see what the URI Dereferencer module does.)
  • Numeric Data Types module, which simply adds the ability to use date and integer data types.
  • CSSEditor module, allows the user to add snippets that override default CSS styles without directly editing CSS files on the server. We only have one line in our CSS Editor: .resource-name {display:inline-block;} No other CSS changes have been made to the theme.

There are other modules that are more for the admin side of things, including:

  • Bulk Edit (use this frequently to edit multiple records at once)
  • CSV Import (our main way for adding items to Omeka S)
  • Custom Vocab (allows us to add custom controlled vocabularies for use with specific properties)
  • File Sideload (helps with our workflow for adding images to items)
  • Sitemaps (generates sitemaps to help search engines index our site)
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Just a note that the Omeka S Directory includes many sites using out of the box themes.

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Here’s Reepham Archive using the Seasons theme with very little customisation. I wish I could do more, but our group doesn’t have the programming skills.