Run Omeka on server with other applications?

I’m trying to determine if I should install Omeka on a new server dedicated only to Omeka or if it would be fine to install it on a server that will host other applications. The other applications would be similar as they would run on PHP/MySQL. Anyone have real-world experience with this and have good experiences or bad?

A lot will depend on the server configuration, and where you install the files.

It’s usually safest to install multiple PHP apps in sibling directories, rather than having one at the top and others in subfolders from it. That’s in part because of the .htaccess files that they (including Omeka) usually use to build URLS. If there’s on at the top, it can collide with the ones underneath it in the directories. That can be done, but often needs some fine tuning and possibly changes to server settings.

Reclaim Hosting does well with either situation, if I remember right.