Roles and Permissions Omeka-S

I’m strugeling to understand how the roles and permissions you set under Users relates to the settings User permissions under each site you create.
Example: A Rewier shouldn’t be able to remove pages in a site the person doesn’t own, but I’m able to do that if the User permission for the site is Editor which it needs to be if the Rewier will be able to create pages for the site. Am I’m missing something here?

The idea is a distinction between the roles for general installation actions, like creating sites or items, and actions within sites, like managing pages. When a site administrator has given someone a role within the site something above and beyond their general role, they get to do those actions within the site. Thus, in your case, the site Editor role lets them both create and delete pages.

I found this answer in trying to understand the variation between installation roles (aka Author) and site roles (aka (Editor). My situation is that we want a site with students who will go in and create and edit their pages. When I add them to the installation, I add them as Authors. But when I add them to the site the only option appears to be as Editors. So this means they can potentially delete pages done by other students in the class?

Yes, that’s a possibility. Though lots of people use Omeka in course assignments, the primary intended environment (implicitly, at least) for it is a professional one where the ability to distribute the editing responsibilities has been more important than the ability to restrict editing capabilities.

If it matters, I’ve supported a number of these situations, and it’s never been a problem. (n=1) I’ve also always made sure to make the situation clear to the instructor and, when I have the opportunity, to the students.

Thanks! That is reassuring. This is our first rodeo. :slight_smile: