Role x Permissions Discrepancy

This may be from improper testing, but I’m seeing different behavior for the Reviewer than I’m reading in documentation.

The documentation reads:

Can search, read, create, and edit all items, item sets, media, sites and site pages.

But in two different instances of Omeka S (1.4.0 and 2.0.2), I’ve made accounts Reviewers, with no site-specific privileges, and they don’t even get view access to site page admin, only view access to the list of pages. Similarly, the accounts’ site privileges are limited to viewing site info and the page list. (And the menu item of one module via the site UI in one of the instances.)

QA’s not my forte, so maybe I’m missing something.

Create new user account in an Omeka S instance (1.4.0 or 2.0.2) that has >1 site
Assign user account the global role of Reviewer
In different browser with a cleared cache and cookies, log in to the instance
Navigate to Sites --> $site for examining site privileges
Continue on to $site --> Pages for examining page privileges

If the user has been added to the site in the role of Editor, it has the ability to edit all the site settings. However, those permissions must be granted to a Reviewer user, they are not immediate (as they are with global admins). We will update the documentation to make this more clear.