RFP for Omeka site revamp

Lawrence Public Library in Lawrence, Kansas, is looking for experienced Omeka designer to help us give our Omeka site a refresh. The scope of this project includes:
–Modifying the theme used on the Digital Douglas County History site to bring artifact files to the top of item records and to enlarge the thumbnails of those files.
–Revamping the existing homepage or developing a new homepage for the site to create a more modern design aesthetic
–Integrating extended Omeka functionalities for timelines and mapping such as Neatline or Curatescape into the site.
All components of the project must be viewable by desktop and mobile devices and be ADA compliant.

You can find the current version of the site at https://history.lplks.org/.
The deadline for proposals is March 15th.
Please reach out to me at mfisherisaacs@lplks.org for the complete RFP or with any questions.