Return type of Ohms_Import RowIterator

I changed to PHP 8.1 and suddenly in my public OHMS Viewer I get the following message " Deprecated : Return type of OhmsImport_RowIterator::seek($index) should either be compatible with SeekableIterator::seek(int $offset): void, or the #[\ReturnTypeWillChange] attribute should be used to temporarily suppress the notice in /home/bristowo/public_html/plugins/OhmsImport/models/OhmsImport/RowIterator.php on line **123".

I get this error six times, line number changes on each. And then I get the error message " Deprecated : Creation of dynamic property HideElementsPlugin::$_settings is deprecated in /home/bristowo/public_html/plugins/HideElements/HideElementsPlugin.php on line 58".


There’s an updated version of Hide Elements, version 1.4, that will get rid of the HideElements messages you mention in your second paragraph.

I don’t think there’s an updated version of OhmsImport but you might check with its developers.

Both are simply warnings about future changes to PHP in later versions, and disabling “show error messages” or “development” mode will stop them from being shown.

Ok, thanks. We enable show error messages so we could see the error message when using OhmsImport.

Well, we didn’t turn on error messages, it was the default. Anyway, I commented the ‘development’ line and the messages are gone. Thanks.