Retrieving Items in Omeka 2.7

Hi! My Omeka 2.7 site is giving an error message whenever anybody tries to click through to an item. I’m not sure why this is happening now as the site has remained the same for four years or so. Is this is something that is generally happening with this version of Omeka?

I’d greatly appreciate as much detailed guidance as possible. It’s been four years since I worked on the site, and I barely remember how to tinker with the files (I think I used Filezilla?!)

Thank you! Karen

To get the error you’d follow the instructions linked from the error page.

There’s a decent chance, given the timing, that this is a problem coming from the Social Bookmarking plugin. If you have that plugin, deactivating, uninstalling, or upgrading it is probably the answer.

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Thank you, I do have that plugin. I will deactivate and see what happens.