Restrict property value selection to a Resource Template?


I’m looking for way to restrict property value selections to all Items using a particular Resource Template, e.g. the Author of an Article can only be an Item using the Actor Resource Template.

At the moment, I’m adding all the Items created for the Resource Template into an Item Set that is then used by Custom Vocab to limit the selection, but it’s a bit of a faff to have to remember to add all new Items created into the required Item Set.

One option seems to be using the DataTypeClass module to set the DataType to use a Class that I define in my custom ontology. However that module only officially supports 3.0, it does seem to work by hacking the version number, but I’m wary of relying on that.

I was wondering if there was a simpler way, where the DataType remains as Item but some filter just restricts it to the required Resource Template or Class? Or perhaps something that will auto-add all Items to the Item Set?


There are two solutions via the module Advanced Resource Template:

  • a setting to filter linked resources:


  • a new setting in the tab advanced of the item set, that allows to automatically append items in the item set (that is what you need):


This new feature of the module is very practical in many cases.


Fabulous, thanks Daniel. ART is indeed a wonder and I would be lost without it!