Rest api search


I have some issues with omeka s rest api.

Im tring to use search api to list content from omeka sites. Main omeka has 5 sites made. id like for example to search one of them. I have managed to list site content like so : https://localhost/api/sites/4 but from here cold not manage to figure out how to search inside the items . i have 11 records inside that page and 1 of the name is like this “7 dances” can any of you help me and tell me how do i search inside site item_sets for itemset with title : “7 dances” , Thanks

The documentation lists the GET parameters you can use with searching: you want to be using the api/items/ URL to search the items (or item_sets if you’re searching for a set and not an item, I’m not totally clear from your message), and use a query parameter site_id=4 to filter to only the items in site number 4, then adding one of the search queries, search, fulltext_search, or property, depending on the specific kind of search you want to do.

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