Resources - Manage current Items crashes

I am attempting to use “Manage current items” to add (all) items to a second site in Omeka S 3.0.1. There are only 31 items in total, 19 are already in the site.

However every attempt results in

An exception occurred while executing ‘SELECT AS id_0, r0_.title AS title_1, r0_.is_public AS is_public_2, r0_.created AS created_3, r0_.modified AS modified_4, r0_.resource_type AS resource_type_5, r0_.owner_id AS owner_id_6, r0_.resource_class_id AS resource_class_id_7, r0_.resource_template_id AS resource_template_id_8, r0_.thumbnail_id AS thumbnail_id_9 FROM item i1_ INNER JOIN resource r0_ ON = INNER JOIN fulltext_search f2_ ON ( = AND f2_.resource = ?) WHERE MATCH (f2_.title, f2_.text) AGAINST (?) > 0 GROUP BY ORDER BY MATCH (f2_.title, f2_.text) AGAINST (?) DESC, r0_.created DESC, DESC LIMIT 25’ with params [“items”, “", "”]: SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1064 syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting FTS_TERM or FTS_NUMB or ‘*’

You don’t need to input a * in the fulltext search box, and I believe that’s what’s causing the error here.

If you want to just get everything, leaving all the search inputs blank should do it.

Thanks John. Removing the “*” fixes the error thank you. However although the Job starts it does not complete. No errors in the PHP, MySQL or application logs to provide any help. Any thoughts??

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