Resource templates - how to restrict resource?


I wonder if it’s possible or planned in future to be able to restrict which Resource data type will be available for item or item set? It would be very practical if I could say which resource classes should be available in the right sidebar. Like now, it’s unclear what resource class the items/item sets have, and title doesn’t help to differentiate them.



Are you saying you want to restrict the resource “type” (like, item vs. item set) or the resource “class” (like, the various Dublin Core types available in the Class dropdown). The terms are all very similar and we use some that can conflict with others, so it can be unclear sometimes.


Yes, I’m sorry, I didn’t describe it so well.
I would like to restrict the resource Class of chosen Resource type. Let’s say I want Property DC:Contributor to be data type Resource: Item, but only items with Class DC: Agent. So only items with chosen class(es) will be offered.

In front, adding multi-select with all available classes when Resource data type is selected could solve it? And in DB, some restriction column with serialized data?

I hope it’s more clear what I’m after.


Hi. I support this initative, We currently have some users that are confusing them and are creating an item with a resource template designed for use on an item set. This is not a big issue, but it a team can cause some errors.