Resource Templates broken when EasyAdmin is activated?

I have a reasonably fresh Omeka-S 4.0.4 install and Resource Templates work as they should (on adding new Item), but when I activate module EasyAdmin(3.4.16) they stop working (in browserconsole: “…Uncaught TypeError: data[‘o:resource_template_property’] is undefined
applyResourceTemplate…”). There is no sign in the Logs.

When EasyAdmin is deactivated they work again.
Probably something for @Daniel_KM ?

I also raised an Issues regarding this on Gitlab
Greetings, John

This is not related to this module, neither Common, because they don’t modify anything here. But it may be a bad interaction with another module. Which other modules do you use ?

yes, it seemed strange to me too that EasyAdmin has something to do with it. But nevertheless activating or deactivating it makes the error appear resp. disappear.

I have activated modules:

  • [Value Suggest]version 1.17.0
  • [NDE Termennetwerk]version 1.1.0
    -Common 3.4.54 and Generic 3.4.46 and Log 3.4.21

but I had some others previously installed and now deactivated.
Well, maybe I better do a new clean install and check if I can reproduce the behaviour.
I’ll let you know.

Ok, I am very sorry.
Indeed in a new clean install I cannot reproduce the error. Maybe it had something to do with some php version problems I had with the previous install.

Thanks for your comment anyway.