Resource template - repeated fields with different settings


I am trying to create a template with 2 Subjects fields, one of witch beeing a Text field, and the other a URI mapped with Getty thesaurus.

It seems it is not possible, because you cannot repeat fields in template. Am I right ?
Are you planning to change this behavior ?

M. Saby


You are right. The resource template system doesn’t dig down to that level of multiple values of a field with different data types. This is the first instance of this use case that I know of, though I’ve seen the simpler multiple values for a field without distinguishing data types before. We anticipated neither, so I don’t think there are current plans to implement it, but it’s worth thinking about if/how we could do it.


I have a similar issue for subject too. For a project, I need two different vocabularies with Vocab suggest for the same property. So the data type is the same, but it is not manageable by the current form.