Resource template - repeated fields with different settings

I am trying to create a template with 2 Subjects fields, one of witch beeing a Text field, and the other a URI mapped with Getty thesaurus.

It seems it is not possible, because you cannot repeat fields in template. Am I right ?
Are you planning to change this behavior ?

M. Saby

You are right. The resource template system doesn’t dig down to that level of multiple values of a field with different data types. This is the first instance of this use case that I know of, though I’ve seen the simpler multiple values for a field without distinguishing data types before. We anticipated neither, so I don’t think there are current plans to implement it, but it’s worth thinking about if/how we could do it.

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I have a similar issue for subject too. For a project, I need two different vocabularies with Vocab suggest for the same property. So the data type is the same, but it is not manageable by the current form.

It’s been a while since this was asked, but we encountered another use case that has more substantial impact. We’d like to use Numeric Data Types to control date fields, but each Resource Template will only accept a single data type from the module. So we can choose Interval OR Timestamp, but not both. In many cases with older collections, we have some items with a specific date and some with a rough interval.

It would be very helpful to: either assign two possible data types to one Date field OR to allow two Date fields with different data types.

I guess one option would be to create multiple Resource Templates with duplicate field settings except for Date, but that becomes complicated for bulk uploading.

I’m working on this use case for the end of June. See and add comments on .

This is implemented in (for Omeka 2.1.2) for testing.

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