[Resolved] Jobs not starting (but php path found by omeka)


The jobs are stuck in the “starting” status. From what I gathered here, it seems to be always linked to a php cli path problem. However, mine seems to be detected alright. I made a screenshot of the system info. The logs don’t give anything and have no errorrs related to jobs.

You’re seeing the likely problem on that screenshot there: the PHP path you’re pointing to at /usr/bin/php is for a much older version: 5.4.16, which is too old to run Omeka S. Notice that the PHP version running the Omeka S web interface is instead 8.2.7 (listed near the top).

Probably there’s a different path for your server for PHP 8.2.

Indeed I didn’t notice omeka used an old version for the cli. I have mapped the correct path. Jobs are now working. Thanks.