Resize items square to thumbnail--Thanks Roy Theme


I’m trying to resize the square thumbnail of the photos I upload to Items, so they show the full size of the image. Currently, when I view the images I have uploaded under Browse Images and Browse Collections, they are cut off.

I have already gone to application/models/File.php and changed ‘square_thumbnail’ => ‘square_thumbnails’ to
’square_thumbnail’ => ‘thumbnails’

private static $_pathsByType = array(
‘original’ => ‘original’,
‘fullsize’ => ‘fullsize’,
‘thumbnail’ => ‘thumbnails’,
‘square_thumbnail’ => ‘thumbnails’

It did not work for all of the images but it did work for some of them. Do you have any other suggestions on how I can fix the size of all of them? I’m using the Thanks Roy Theme.

You don’t want to change that bit of code you mentioned: it just tells Omeka where to store and find those sizes. Changing two of them to both be the same is not a good idea.

Are you talking about the browses on the public side of your site or the admin? We use the squares on the admin browses because they’re quite small and trying to fit long or wide images in the same space would make them even smaller.

We generate both square and normal thumbnails for every file with thumbnails, so all you have to do is change which one is being displayed. Current versions of Omeka let you just choose this in the interface under Appearance -> Settings. Otherwise you can edit the theme.

If your concern with the square thumbnails is that some vital part of the image is being cropped, you can change the gravity of square thumbnails in application/config/config.ini in the section fileDerivatives.strategyOptions

Thank you so much for your response. I went into appearance settings and unchecked the square thumnail for public view and that worked! I appreciate all your help!

This is also very useful information. I will keep it in mind! Thank you so much!