Resize images thumbnail or squere?

How resize thumbnail or squere images from pdf and video? , I’am getting result truncated thumbnail or squre. and for image format is not the problem.

How can i fix it?

The size is just set through CSS constraining the height and/or width of the image. If it’s the shape you’re more concerned about (that it’s cropped at the top and bottom) then what you need to do is change the theme to use the “thumbnail” image instead of what it’s using now, the “square thumbnail.”

Thanks John. Its work. :slight_smile:


I am having the same problem but am not entirely confident in my ability to fix it. I assume I would need to adjust the HTML of the Appearance > Settings page? Would you be able to capture a screenshot and post it to the forum?

Thank you,

Our web developer attempted to change the code associated with our Berlin theme to get rid of the square-thumbnails and nothing worked. Is that not possible in this theme? If so, are there specific themes whereby the code can be adjusted? Kindly advise asap. We hope to launch our site next week and would appreciate a reply.


In Berin, you have in items/browse.php:

  echo link_to_item(item_image('square_thumbnail'));

Simply replace square_thumbnail by thumbnail. You may have to adapt css too.

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