Researching New PHP Version Upgrade and Any Affects on OMEKA 2.6.1

Hey there OMEKA experts and fans, how are you all? I hope this finds you each having a very nice day. I have a newb sort of question. Our server admin just informed us that they will be moving from PHP 7.2.34 to PHP 7.4.19. Will OMEKA Classic Version 2.6.1 work ok with this new version of PHP, 7.4.19? Thanks for any insight anyone can provide.

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PHP 7.4 is only supported starting with Omeka 2.7.1.

I would recommend upgrading to the latest version, 2.8.

Thank you so much jflatnes for your answer. It is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile: If it is ok, I’d like to ask a follow up. If we move to OMEKA Classic version 2.8, will we need to upgrade the version of MariaDB as well or can we run on the version we currently have with OMEKA 2.6.1? We have a pretty tight timetable so I am trying to determine what we need to do versus what we want to do. Thank you so much for your time and please have a very nice day.

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There’s no difference in what minimum versions of MySQL/MariaDB are supported between Omeka Classic 2.6 and 2.8. So no, you would not need to update MariaDB.

Again, thank you. I can’t tell you how appreciative I am for your answers. Our users and I thank you so very much! Please have a very nice day!

Good morning jflatnes, how are you? I hope this finds you doing great on a Wednesday. One last (hopefully) question. Do you happen to know whether OMEKA version, 2.8, will run on our current version of PHP, PHP 7.2.34?

Thank you very much and please have a nice day. :slight_smile:

Yes, the minimum version is 5.4, as listed [in the system requirements]. So 7.2.34 is fine.

Thank you again . We really appreciate it.

So our server administrators decided to move to PHP 7.4.20 this morning instead of version 7.4.19. Am I right to assume that OMEKA version 2.8 will still work fine again this newer version of PHP. Thanks again. Sorry for all the questions but please know that we appreciate it. :slight_smile:

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Yes, there should be no differences between support for 7.4.19 and 7.4.20.

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