Researcher: Why Dashboard access?

I am not sure I understand why Researchers automatically login to the dashboard view. Some of my researchers might be initially confused by this and many won’t want to see the back-end anyway (but I do want them to be able to see the private collection material).

Of course I can tell them simply to click on the site name at top of the screen to get the front-end view, but is there a relatively simple code fix which takes a researcher straight to the front end instead of the dashboard?

[I see this topic has been explored earlier this year in relation to specific plugins but not, apparently, in the general case]

A non-coder. :slight_smile:

Researchers go to the admin side because they can have some permissions, especially from plugins, that allow actions that shouldn’t be visible on the public side.

An alternative, if you never want them to see the admin side, might be to use the Guest User plugin, and change the researchers’ role to ‘guest’. Then in GuestUserPlugin.php, look for this line

        $acl->addRole(new Zend_Acl_Role('guest'), null);

and change it to

        $acl->addRole(new Zend_Acl_Role('guest'), 'researcher');

That should make guest users see private stuff, but will also forbid access to the admin side.

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Thanks for the explanation Patrick. And the fix. It works perfectly for my immediate needs (and I now know how to undo it if/when required). Cheers!

Hello, sorry for bumping this thread.
Your solution worked - guest are kept out of the admin side and can see the private items and collections. The problem is for some reason guest cannot see the private exhibitions (exhibits made using the exhibit builder). Any idea why this might happen?

The Exhibit Builder basically just has a different rule about what roles can view private exhibits.

Any idea on how to alter the access rules for exhibits so that the guest accounts can view them?

What I am trying to achieve: have the content available only to registered users. So in simple words I want the guest accounts to be able to see all the private items, collections and exhibits, but not have access to the administrative side.