Request: Item Showcase options

A couple of things I would like to be able to do with an Item Showcase block:

  • Limit the number of (esp. image) items per page, instead of all at once
  • Sort items by some field value (got another topic on this)
  • Choose the layout, i.e., width each item takes up.

I’m new at this, so I might be missing some things. :slight_smile:


I responded to your related post, but your requests here make it sound like you might actually prefer the browse preview block over the item showcase. The showcase, like most blocks, is totally oriented around authoring a single page, so there isn’t a “limit” configuration and probably won’t be.

The layout option is an interesting one. We’re always looking for feedback on what users are doing with sites and blocks, and especially what they’re having trouble doing. In our last release we made some changes to how the blocks work that should make it easier for us to introduce more visual options for how the blocks are displayed.

Thanks for both replies.

I’d distinguish between “page” and displayed items, in the sense that a single page can have multiple views showing different items. The user visits one page, but doesn’t have to scroll to see different items, but instead leafs through them in some way. Think of turning the pages on a book or spinning a cube or image carousel. shows books this way, for example, or wikimedia commons has slideshows from multi-image pages that show one image at a time.

As I noted elsewhere, I had trouble setting up appropriate search terms via browse preview, but I’m working on it. This more applies to text items (like biblio) than it does to images.

So you’re envisioning maybe a “carousel” kind of block, possibly.

Well, as a possible solution to limiting image items, yes. I’d be happy with, say, 10 image items per page and some arrows to go to the next set of 10, too, which strikes me as a less different solution