Request for materials on prerequisites for Omeka S module development

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I’m part of a central team at the University of Warwick and we are looking at training materials to support work on Omeka S modules and themes. Our team are coming largely from a Python and R background.

Reading the Omeka S developer documentation it looks like we should upskill on PHP and the Zend framework. I would very much appreciate any insights from this community about paths and/or competencies we should look into to ensure we can contribute competently to Omeka S.

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I’ve looked into the developer documentation for Omeka S and my impression is that we should upskill on core PHP skills (via Pluralsight or similar) and also the Zend framework.

One quick note, what was previously called the Zend Framework is now Laminas, just in terms of if you’re looking for up-to-date information.

Definitely PHP at some level is going to be necessary for pretty much any significant module or theme work. Frequently Javascript, CSS, HTML as well where you’re working with anything that’s going to hit the browser, of course. If you’re working in the database you’d be looking at Doctrine, the ORM used in Omeka S, as well as just SQL/MySQL itself.

Depending on the kind of things you’re looking to do, you might want to also look into JSON-LD, RDF, and things like that: the technologies that underlie “linked data” and are the basis for Omeka S’s metadata model.

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That’s really useful. Thank you for getting back to me.