Request for feedback - Study collection presentation


I’m an employee of MoMu fashion museum Antwerp. The past few weeks we’ve been fiddling with Omeka-s to showcase a specific part of our collection. The results can be found here:

I’m using version 1.0.1 and a slightly altered ‘Daily’ theme.

So far, I’m quite proud of the result. Certainly because I was not specifically schooled to do these kind of thing. It speaks for the user friendliness of the software. Props to the developers! And to the registrar and photographer’s who created the content.

But I still need to learn and improve. So your feedback would be appreciated.

The scope of this project was ‘To create a learning tool for fashion enthusiasts about clothing in the 20’th century’. This would be based on the collection of Frieda Dauphin-Verhees, a designer in theater costume and former teacher of the fashion Academy. The collection that she donated to MoMu was used during her classes at the Academy. The objects range from early 1900’s to late 70’s.

MoMu acquired this collection through a crowdfunding on the goteo platform.

To give an extra dimension to the objects and to capture Frieda’s knowledge about them, we’ve created a video (soon on youtube/vimeo) in which Frieda gives a lecture about 20’th century fashion, based on the objects, subdivided in 7 (sort of chronological) item sets.

So that’s where the tricky part in Omeka-s comes into play… We want to present the combination of objects and the (parts of) video about them in a clear and structured manner.

We’ve got item records, item sets and one long video on youtube. All item records have an image as media. Any ideas as to how this would be best presented?

The data model that I created is based on the Europeana Data Model using mainly the Dublin Core elements. This would allow us to ‘easily’ be aggregated into Europeana (Fashion).
Given the academic/research approach I’d also like to use elements from this schema (dutch):
Suggestions on how to transform a xsd to a rdf file, so that it can be imported, are welcome. But maybe I’ll open a new post about this later.

Oh, and about the base url. (baseurl**/s/**frieda-verhees-collectie) is it possible to omit the /s/ behind it? How would i go ahead? Somewhere in the htaccess file?

Another thing I’m hoping to get to is the use and creation of persistent URI’s for the items. Any pioneers on this front who could push me in the right direction?

Many more ideas here (IIIF, integration with a thesaurus, order forms,…) and many more questions. But I hope to be here for a while and in the future to be able to contribute something to this community.


Hello, I’m interested to know wether OMEKA S can support EDM, do you any feedbak on it ? Thanx, aude


You can add EDM as a vocabulary, explained here: I used this version:
You can then use EDM classes and properties and mix it with the Dublin Core terms.

In the end, due to lack of time and need, the website we created mostly/only uses Dublin Core terms. The EDM - and other data models - possibilities are still something I’d like to further investigate though…