Reports plugin filter by specifc fields

Hello All,

I’m fairly new to Omeka and was looking for a good way to produce reports of items. I decided to try the Reports plugin, but am running into some issues with editing the filter specifically for “Narrow by Specific Fields”. No matter what options I specify here all items are returned. If I use other search fields in the form they seem to work, just not the “Narrow by Specific Fields”. In looking at the code it appears the same search function items_search_form() is reused from the public view, which works fine. Therefore it seems like it is something with how the results are saving within the plugin.

I’ve tried reinstalling the plugin with no change.

Thanks for you any help you can suggest.

I can confirm the problem you’re seeing: the “Narrow by Specific Fields” search doesn’t work in Reports.

I’ve made a change to the plugin’s code that should fix the problem, but it may take a little bit for that to be released as a new version of the plugin. In the short term you could try using the current plugin code from its Github repository, or if you’re comfortable you could apply that change as a patch to the released copy of the plugin you have now.

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If you do (or already did) try it out, let me know how it goes!

It’s working perfectly, thank you very much for issuing such a quick fix!

Okay, that fix is now in an official release, version 2.0.2.