Report on 2023 Omeka Development Progress

During 2023, the Omeka Team made following progress on their development priorities for the year:

  • Interoperability and integration with other systems in the GLAM and digital scholarship ecosystem
    • Updates to Data Repository, Fedora Connector, and DSpace Connector
    • Resource Meta
    • Began work on item set hierarchy module
  • Increased data portability through a range of outputs
    • Additional output formats added to the core
  • Improved site authoring options
    • Resource page blocks (v4.0)
    • Grids for sizing and positioning resource page blocks (4.1 RC in December 2023 and full release in January 2024)
      • Template selection for pages and blocks
    • Timeline for Classic
  • Increased options for media handling and display
    • IIIF Presentation API manifest as media support
    • IIIF Presentation module
  • Improved administrative tools
    • Configurable browse columns and sort for admin
  • Ongoing attention to accessibility
    • Ongoing accessibility review and updates for Classic
    • Theme updates
  • Creation of additional themes
    • Lightgallery added to core as a resource page block
    • Freedom for Omeka S (Classic coming soon)
  • Improved developer and end user documentation, including screencasts
    • Overhaul of Omeka S and Classic End User documentation

Omeka S Core

  • V4.0.0 - v4.0.4

Omeka S Modules updated or released during 2023

  • Extract Text
  • Value Suggest
    • NdeTermennetwerk (new)
  • Custom Vocab
  • Omeka S Item Importer
  • Scripto
  • Collecting
  • CSV Import
  • Mapping
  • IIIF Presentation (new)
  • Faceted Browse
  • Data Repository Connector
  • Item Carousel Block
  • Numeric Data Types
  • Sharing
  • View Private Resources
  • URI Dereferencer
  • Resource Meta (new)
  • File Sideload
  • Fedora Connector
  • Dspace Connector
  • Persistent Identifiers
  • Omeka Classic Importer

Omeka S Themes

  • Freedom (new)
  • All others updated

Omeka Classic Core

  • V3.1.1 - v3.1.2

Omeka Classic Plugins

  • OAI-PMH Harvester
  • Timeline
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Resource Meta (new)
  • Exhibit Builder

Omeka Classic Themes

  • Freedom (new)
  • All others updated