Replicate truncate does not retrieve

Hello there.
This is maybe a little unorthodox.

In replicating a developing omeka site into an (almost) production one --omeka 2.2.2–,
and in order to “re-initialize” to zero records (item, files, collections), but keep configuration,

I brutally TRUNCATEd some tables :
“TRUNCATE collections;”
“TRUNCATE files;”
“TRUNCATE items;”
“TRUNCATE element_texts;”
“TRUNCATE search_texts;”

Configuration is kept and I can start to populate, but SEARCH returns no result.

I guess I must be missing something.
I already “REPAIR” ed tables, but still returns no result.

Any suggestions? Or some more orthodox approach to reinitialize an omeka site?

I’m not sure what would have happened here. In general, to start fresh I’d recommend either just reinstalling or batch deleting items, rather than running TRUNCATE.

Since you’re already looking around in the database, you can check to see whether search_texts rows are being created. They’re what gets used for search results. There are also some simple caveats about the way simple search works that come up when you have very few items (like you won’t get results if the phrase you search for appears in over 50% of the records).

Thanks John!
You pointed me to the right direction, even read what I forgot to write.

First, the search_texts rows were being created.

Second, problems arose from the fact that I only created ONE record (something I forgot to state).

After 3 records were created, with some different data, data was correctly retrieved. Of course, with ONLY ONE record, everything is 100%. I expected that to show up.

Still, is that behavior something we can change from Omeka or MySQL settings ?
I know I will have some words appearing in more than 50% of the records, and I want them to show up anyway.