Reorder Exhibits

I have seen that this question has been asked a couple of times over the last years but all topics were closed without a reply: Is there a new way (other than the code solution suggested around 2010/11) to reorder the exhibits other than according to the alphabetical, recently added, date added order suggested by the built-in configuration options?

I guess the issue is similar to sort order of Items, Collections etc.: there are just too many possibilities for different order, so it would be impossible to include all of them. I therefore think you’d be better off customizing the code of the plugin according to your needs.

Are you looking to order by something else, or just to have full manually-defined order?

There’s also the “cheap” solution of naming the exhibits such that their alphabetical order will result in the order you want, (“Exhibit 1: …”, “Exhibit 2: …” or similar).

Thank you to both of you for your suggestions! Yes, I was wondering if there is a plugin or sth that allows you to drag and drop exhibits to modify the order (and hierarchy; cf. pages of exhibits)