Rename Media file name


i am really working with Omeka S now and it is a delight!

Another question came up: how do I change the name of a Media file. There is no possibility when edit a media file.

And when batch edit there is no option for editing the name. I installed the module Bulk Edit and there is no obvious choice there too. Or is the name DC Title field?



You can set the Dublin Core Title for a media when editing it, and that will get used most places a name for the file is needed.

In the absence of an explicit title in the metadata is when the original filename gets used.

Got it! Thanks! Best Regards //Staffan

Hi again,

It is a little difficult to set the Media Title to the Title the Items has - I can set the Title for a media with the same for all the files with Build edit, but can I add a Title to a Media with the Title the Item has?