Removing Vocabulary Classes and Properties

How do I remove classes and properties from vocabularies in Omeka S? I am referring to vocabularies I have created, not the default ones. If I replace the vocabulary file with a new one where I have deleted a property or class, that property or class still remains in the vocabulary in Omeka S. Thanks for any help you may have!

Removal of members from a vocabulary isn’t really part of the normal workflow envisioned by Omeka S, so there’s no interface for doing it… You can delete the vocabulary and re-add it, but I assume you’ve used properties from it on some resources in the interim?

You are correct. It’s not an everyday occurrence but as we develop our own ontology we have found that it would be a useful feature. If I didn’t overlook something or this feature isn’t coming I’ll find a workaround.

And by the way, thanks for your work on Omeka S! It’s a valuable and useful platform!