Remove the site-title image except for the front page

hello all,

I am customizing the theme Cozy, and I am wondering how to remove the banner image except for the front page. I am trying to write this via CSS Editor:

not(.home) . banner img {
display: none;

but it doesn’t work. Is there anyone who is familiar with Cozy theme customization?

Thank you so much!

Is that exactly as you wrote it? CSS’s “not” starts with a colon, :not(.home)

But I haven’t checked to see if that otherwise works.

Thanks for your reply! I was trying as below:

:not( .home) .banner {
display: none;

The result is all the banner images are removed. I guess for the home page in cozy theme, the CSS element is not .home?

I think the issue is just that there is no unique body class for the homepage.

It’s possible to set classes by editing you’re theme, and we’re looking into changing that for this theme and the others.

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