Removal of Simple Pages in Omeka S Version 3.0.0

Hello All,

We recently upgraded to Omeka S 3.0.0, and I noticed that the “simple page” block option while creating a page is no longer available.

Will anything like this be reinstated? I used the “simple page” block to place custom menus on different pages. It was helpful because the “simple page” could be updated, and the changes would be reflected on all of the pages using the “simple page”.

This was particularly helpful when the same was used on multiple


Simple Page is not one of the default block types in Omeka S. It may have come from a module you installed - make sure your modules are updated and active and see if that resolves the issue.

If you talk about the block “simple page” from the module Block Plus and module Next, it has been renamed Mirror page, as it is a mirror of a page of another site. And for Omeka v3, it is no more available in module Next, only in module Block Plus. The upgrade should be automatic, else go to your database and rename simplePage by mirrorPage.

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