Relationship types


Some questions about relations between Items - I am not sure how to do it or if it is possible:

Case 1:
Person 1 (P1) has donated Object 1 (O1) to us. O1 has previously owned by Person 2 (P2).

We want to connect O1 to both P1 and P2 but separate the type of relation, a Custom Vocab list? But how connect that type to the relation between O1 and P1?

Case 2:
I have registered two persons, A and B. Person A is parent to Person B. I want to set a relation from A to B to be IsParentOf. But the relation from B to A should be “isChildOf”. Like I really want to be able of setting “Relationship types” between items?

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Case 1:

For any type of relationship we generally recommend that you choose properties that are specific to your use case. In your case, consider using the properties rdai:P40007 “has donor agent” and rdai:P40019 “has former owner agent” from the “RDA Item Properties” vocabulary. For example:

  • O1 “has donor agent” P1
  • O1 “has former owner agent” P2

Case 2:

This is possible with the Inverse Properties module. Let’s say you’re using the “BIO” vocabulary. When set up correctly, every time you make a “Person A bio:child Person B” statement, the module will automatically create the inverse “Person B bio:parent Person A” statement.

Note that, even without the module installed, Omeka will make one-sided relationships known from the inverse side in the “Linked resources” tab.

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Super, thanks! Best Regards //Staffan

Hi Jim, a question about the Inverse Properties module you mentioned. Will it work when you are adding items using CSV Import, or does it only trigger the inverse property creation when you’re manually entering data in Omeka S?

I haven’t tested it, so I’m not entirely sure, but I believe the inverses will be created when adding items using CSV Import.

Interesting, that would be great if this is the case. I will test it out.