Regression in Omeka S 3.x: " All item sets have been added."

When I create a new item, I can add it to item sets.

In the pane for adding it to item sets, I have an instant search to find more quickly an exact item set.

In Omeka S 3, if I start to type the name of an “item set” until that specific item set is the only one I see in the list, and click on it to add it, I get the following message in the item set pane:

All item sets have been added.

See screenshot (notice also that the text appears in English even if Omeka S is set in another language)

The item set is added, but if I want to add others, I have to save, and edit the item again… only then I see again all item sets.

I am quite sure I did not have this isssue with Omeka S 2.x.

Thanks for the report. I can confirm the behavior you’re seeing.

I believe you’re correct that this is a regression: we updated and unified the code that handles these “select from a list” sidebars in 3.0.0, and the new code clearly doesn’t account properly for the possibility that the current set of choices is being filtered.

I’ve filed an issue for this problem.

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