Reference Modules: the anchors are not working

I’ve been trying to setup the Reference Modules and I am not able to make the letters redirection work.
The URL updates itself, but nothing happens on the page. I’ve read the Read me documentation in GitLab and it says that « Note that if headers are turned off,
skiplinks do not work. » I don’t know where we can change that option. Can anyone help? If you want to see what is (not) happening, you can check this page: PLINE – Histoire des pratiques littéraires numériques au Québec · Explorez par le support · Ex situ.
Thank you!

I think the issue here is just that the letters used in the links are lowercase while the letters in the anchors are uppercase.

How the module should solve this I’m not sure, but that looks like the problem.

You are right, if I change the letter in the URL, it works. Now how to make it automatic, that is another question.

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