Redirect Item storage to another directory on an internal disk

I have successfully installed Omeka-S. It runs properly. However, I want to store Items and their thumbnails in a different directory on a different internal hard drive. I am not an IT professional, but have a lot of experience with programming and system development. I am comfortable with editing config files. I have read the User and Development documentation of Omeka-S, but I can’t figure out the correct code for the local.config.php file to declare this directory as the storage directory. Omeka opens properly and I can log in but it throws an error when I try to access the Items option. What would the code look like?


I managed storing the items media files in a different directory on the same server.

There are 2 configurations I made:

  • Add alias directive in the Apache config
  <IfModule alias_module>
        Alias "/local/path/to/files" "/files"
  • Add following setting in local.config.php
'file_store' => [
        'local' => [
            'base_path' => '/local/path/to/files',
            'base_uri' => 'http://absolute.url/to/files',

jflatnes from Omeka team helped me with 2nd configuration.
You can also find the configuration reference at: Configuration Reference - Omeka S Developer Documentation

Hope it helps.

Thanks so much for your reply. I understand a little better. Unfortunately, it still is not working for me. I think I am not understanding something. In the local.config.php file, in the line ‘file_store’ => [, is file_store literal or is it indicating the variable from the default Omeka config file?

file_store is the variable name.

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