reCAPTCHA error on simple contact

I installed the new(er) version of simplecontact and followed the reCAPTCHA directions (I think) but I am getting a reCAPTCHA error message. This seems to have occurred to others here but I don’t know what the fix is.

It looks to me like you’re using a recaptcha key for the wrong “version” of recaptcha: the one used in Omeka is “v2,” so make sure on the Google side of things that’s the kind of key you’re using and inputting into the Omeka settings.

OK, will do. Thanks.

that fixed the error message-but still not receiving comments through “simplecontact,” even after the update was installed. Thoughts?

Do emails in general work? “Forgot password” is an easy example of one the system will send.

Omeka just relies on the server’s setup for sending email so typically it’s a server issue, if emails don’t seem to be working.

thanks this seems like it might be the problem then–but I am not sure how to fix it in Omeka. If no emails are being sent from the site, how do I fix it?

It really depends on your server and hosting details… some servers just need an MTA installed or configured, some networks block outgoing mail completely and need special configuration, and often sending directly from some random host can seem to work but get you blocked as spam. If you have hosting or IT support, asking them about email would be the place to start I imagine.