Re-send User Activation Email

I’m using Omeka S 2.1.1.
I’m looking at the documentation here:
I don’t see anything about new user activation. I created a new user a while ago and today I got an email from that user saying that they didn’t activate in time and could I send another activation email.

Here’s a snippet of the email that Omeka sent to them as part of the original activation email: “Your activation link will expire on Nov 5, 2020, 2:56:34 PM. If you have not completed the user activation process by the time the link expires, you will need to request another activation email from your site administrator.”

This implies that I, the Omeka S admin, should be able to send another activation email. But I don’t see that option in Omeka S Admin and I don’t see anything about activation in the manual.

Is re-sending activation emails something I can do?


You’re correct, there’s no option in the interface to just resend the activation email.

You’ve got a couple options:

  • You can delete the user and add them again, which will send another activation email.
  • You can manually create a password for them and set them as active, without needing the activation email.

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