Random forward to login screen

Hi there,

We’re running OMEKA classic v2.6 and our users encounter random issues after editing resources. Every once in a while, but for some rather often, they are asked to login again after saving changes on a resource or opening a new resource in the admin interface. This also happens when opening other pages, like the system information.
It looks to me like a cookie issue, but there is nothing in the error log or the javascript console (only issue mentiond in the js console is a missing favicon).

Any ideas?

And to complete the information:
SetEnv APPLICATION_ENV development

debug.exceptions = true
log.errors = true
log.priority = Zend_Log::DEBUG

To make things worse: the whole thing is also browser dependent.

Safari: random appearance of the login screen
Firefox: no editing at all, any click on an item leads to the login screen without being able to edit
Chrome: works flawless

This is probably either the cookies or the session storage on the server side… Omeka really doesn’t do anything “interesting” with either of them: cookies are either set to save for the session (by default) or for 2 weeks (with Remember Me on).

Do you have any custom settings for either of those things? I don’t think we’ve had any other reports like this one (and the browser distinction is particularly odd).

Thanks for the quick reply!
The whole setup runs on a managed server from Cloudways so I’ll raise a ticket with them to understand if they do some magic behind the scenes.

And a quick response on this issue: our ticket hasn’t been resolved, but I deactivated Varnish and now the site works as expected. We’ll check with our provider if they have another idea, but until then I can confirm that Varnish was the culprit.