Questions about having auto generated links

Howdy, I’ve been using Omeka for a little over a year but I honestly still feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface of what there is to know about it.

Here’s my question:

For instance could I set it up where if I put metadata into a field that matches the title of an item in the database it would automatically make it a clickable link to that item.

So if I put “John Smith” as the metadata in the Source field and I have an item titled John Smith is it possible for that to auto generate.

Currently I’m using the bulk metadata editor to create the links en masse after I have a bunch of pages made. I also have used the item relations plugin to do something similar but I would like the link to be in the field itself as opposed to with the other related items.

I was messing around with the SearchByMetadata plug in and it will auto generate a link to a list of things that share that metadata, but not to an actual Item page.

Also in the example above would it be possible to have the John Smith item page generate a list in a field of links back to items that have linked to it.


I’m not aware of anything that will do that automatically, only kind of the opposite, as you mentioned with SearchByMetadata.