Question about possibilities with Omeka S

Hi everyone,

I’m looking at Omeka S as a possible solution for a project but I’m not sure will it respond to two of the demands of the project, as I’ve only used Omeka Classic to date. I’m hoping someone with more experience in Omeka S could help.

  1. Is it possible to create search bands/buttons such as at the top of this page : germany - Rechercher | Europeana
  2. In Omeka C it’s possible to use tags to tag items, but this seems to no longer exist in Omeka S. Are tags now called classes in Omeka S?

I would really appreciate any help, thanks in advance.

We don’t have “tags” out of the box in Omeka S… depending on your needs you might just use a particular metadata field to serve the purpose of tags, or for some uses things like item sets could be used like tags were in Classic. If you do need actual tags, there’s a module for that, too. Classes are RDF classes… they’re more like “types” and their values come from the linked data vocabularies you have loaded into Omeka S.

You might want to look at the Faceted Browse module for something like the “bands/buttons” you mention.

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