question about Neatline

Hi, I’m not a native English speaker, please sympathize for my poor
I’ve created an exhibit with Exhibit Builder that’s multiple pages. I’ve also created an interactive map in Neatline. I’m trying to add the Neatline Map as a page in my exhibit, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how. I see that you can add it as a content block, but this creates a tiny frame that only shows a portion of the page. How do I just link to the Neatline page from the Exhibit navigation?

The Exhibit navigation really only lets you include exhibit pages, not direct links elsewhere.

At the clunkiest level, I suppose you could create an exhibit page that’s just a HTML block linking to the Neatline page you actually want them to go to. You could also do something sneaky with Javascript for redirection on that page but I wouldn’t recommend it.

If the problem is just the size of the “frame” showing your Neatline content, perhaps that could be addressed just with a CSS change.

I am experiencing the same limitation: the Neatline exhibit, when displayed through a content page link within an Omeka exhibit, is really tiny and difficult to see or navigate clearly. By contrast, the Geolocation content page also opens to this small size, but contains a full-screen icon in the upper right corner that, when clicked, opens that map up to make it much easier to see and use. Would it be possible to simply include the same feature for the Neatline content page?

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