Question about Neatline demo

Hello everyone. I have been exploring Omeka and Neatline by trying to replicate some features that I see on the demonstration sites. Some of my attempts have been more successful than others! In particular, I am trying to understand the gettysburg address exhibit here:

How are the lines being drawn between the handwriting in the viewer and the type in the narrative text box that runs alongside? I had assumed that it was down with the Neatline Text plugin, but while I understand how to link records with the narrative, I don’t see a way to create the lines between the “map” and the scrolling text.

Any help would be deeply appreciated. Thanks! Kirsten

Actually, I have a lot of questions about how the exhibits are done on that same site (, but I am assuming that most of them involve a level of technical expertise and customization beyond my abilities. So I thought that I would start by asking about a feature that might be more straightforward! :wink:

Regarding the site you’re curious about, you might reach out to the creator of the site (whose twitter handle is linked from the page you point to).

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