Question about data protecton & Omeka / Guest User plug-in

So this is a more general question, but with the recent GDPR law I’m guessing I’m not alone in wondering: how can we make Omeka compliant? We use the Guest User plug-in, which technically is a collection of personal data (name and email address). Since at the moment there is no check-box on the Registration page, it’s just the Terms & Conditions listed and then a statement that says that by signing up you agree to these. From my understanding this may not be sufficient to comply – the obvious solution is to add the check box so a new user is forced to check off that box.

Thoughts? I’m also not entirely sure if there’s an easy way to do that since it’s not currently built in.

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Hi Amanda,

We’ve read the regulations as allowing the affirmative use acceptance of terms (but of course, we’re not offering legal advice).

It seems like adding the check box wouldn’t be a difficult task, and we’d certainly entertain a pull request for the plugin that did just that.


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