Publication Date

We would like to keep track of the publication date for every item or collection we create : this date would be stored when a user makes an item or collection public, and it could then be used for sorting for example. I could probably write a plugin for this feature. However, I feel this feature should be integrated in Omeka since it is very close to concepts such as “date added” or “date modified” => “date published”. Anybody else need this feature?

This sounds like a useful plugin. As a core thing, that’d call for a database change that would be specific to this use case, not a general need. I see the similarity to date added, though (it sounds like a workflow-based feature, which are often specific to projects. The Omeka Curators Dashboard plugins from UCSC tackle a lot of similar issues).

Either way, though. what behavior would you expect if someone makes something public, then changes their mind and makes it not public?

The publication date would remain unchanged: making an element not public anymore does not change the fact that the object was made public at a given point. So, my approach would be very simple: on save, if “public” is checked and “publication date” is empty: store the date… period :wink: