Public View bug?


I am using Omeka S and have multiple sites installed on my instance. When I click “Public View” for an item on the admin side, the public view takes me to the item in the default site as opposed to the site where the item lives.


Which “public view” button are you clicking? We have links in the sidebar that take you to the public view for each site the item is associated with, but maybe you’re clicking on something else?

Here’s a screenshot. See the top bar next to “Edit item”

That looks like it’s probably coming from a module. Do you have any that seem like they might affect that area up there? (The “arrow” buttons are also not in the core and may come from the same module).

Lower on the page, in the right hand sidebar, under the heading Sites, there’s a small “arrow pointing out of a box” icon next to the name of the site this item is in. That’s the core’s normal way of providing a “public view” link; it’s done that way because the right link depends on the site you want to view the item in, and a single item may be in many different sites.

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