Public sign up for authors

Hi there, I’m developing an archive in Omeka-S that should have input from the wider community. I know that the Collecting module exists in order to collect user contributions. I think that this doesn’t properly provide what I’m looking for, though, as it simply collects the submitting user’s details as flat strings, and doesn’t correlate them to any other previous user who may have submitted items. Is it possible to have a publicly-available sign up form that allows users to register as Authors on the site? Ideally they would be able to be vetted and approved by an administrator before being allowed to author items. Does any module or configuration like this already exist?

Thanks. Dave

You can try the module Guest and my version of the module Collecting (not yet integrated upstream), that have the same aim.

Thanks Daniel, this looks very similar to what I need. Will give it a try when I have the chance.


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